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11 de Enero, 2023

Some very enthusiastic students of Pre Kids and Kids participated in a virtual Open Day with their teachers and families. Parents could witness the different tasks and activities Británico teachers include in their classes and how students benefit greatly from them. Songs, chants, role-plays, games, and stories from the coursebooks were included in this event. Most importantly, everyone had a lot of fun!

We would like to share some comments written by our teachers. Massive thanks for your effort and cooperation.


I just want to say I am really grateful to be given the opportunity to be part of this significant event for my little students. I was more than satisfied to see their great performance in the open day where they were able to do different activities and were very willing and keen to participate in each task. Undoubtedly, they really showed off and I am proud of them immensely. Everything was planned to develop their speaking skills according to the syllabus of that cycle.


I want to express my deepest simpathy to my students of PK8 because they succeded in their performance on our Open Day showing how well they are able to manage the language developing different skills. I feel proud of my learners for their commitment and responsibility. I do believe hey have a promising future.


Being part of this experience was a bit challeging but awesome at the same time. My children did an excellent job and they were so eager to show their families all what they have learnt during thecycle. I would like to mention that parents' support was really important too, because some children didn't know how to use Kahoot and they were with their kids to help them. Thank you for considering me for this amazing project.


As a teacher, I felt really delighted and proud to see how my students showed great progress and a good command of the language during this Open Day. I'd like to thank their commitment and enthusiasm on every single activity which proves that no one is too old or young to learn a second language. Thanks Britanico for this opportunity, as well; and let's keep on lighting up our children's minds.


Thank you for inviting me to be part of the Open Day with my kids. It was an enjoyable experience. After the challenge was set, every activity was designed to make students and relatives participate in collaborative tasks. The students sang, played, held brief conversations, completed a survey, and presented a report. My greatest reward was to see my students happy to interact with their relatives in English, some of them helping their parents with pronunciation. It was a beautiful atmosphere where everybody learnt and had fun.


The Open Day 2022 was a new experience for me. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to share with my students and demonstrate everything we had learnt so far. Students were so engaged, they also provided ideas on what activities to do and they prepared themselves and memorised the order or activities. Thank you so much for this opportunity. It was lovely!


"Excellence isn't a skill it's an attitude", and my pupils from Kids 4 had a great performance in the last Open Day, which was a great opportunity for the students to show their parents the different activities they do in our online lessons. Seeing them singing, using apps and performing role-plays was a great success. Well done! Hardworking students who participated actively in all the tasks we did. Thank you Britanico for organising such open days that will motivate students in their learning process.


Being part of the Open Day was such a great opportunity for the students to show off what they are learning at Britanico and to show how good they are at English. It was also good for the parents to be part of it because it helped them to see that their children are actually able to speak in a second language. I still remember the parents face, they looked proud of their children and the children were very happy about it and they also told me that it was something that they really enjoyed doing, and me as well.


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