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Voyage into the Deep: The Saga of Jules Verne and Captain Nemo

François Rivière


Explore Jules Verne's world in a collision of history and fantasy, science and the supernatural, mystery and discovery.

In this brooding tale, François Rivière tells the story of how Jules Verne, the greatest science fiction writer of the nineteenth century, composed his masterpiece, '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea', in the midst of a fantastical journey of his own. Who are the strange characters crossing Verne's path - a nameless orphan with a mysterious package, an Indian princess on an obsessive quest, and an eccentric artist of extraordinary creations? Through them Verne discovers and immortalizes the most compelling character of his writing career: Captain Nemo. Weaving together details of Verne's own life with events aboard the infamous 'Nautilus', François Rivière tells a powerful - and cryptic - tale of art, science, and the terrible consequences of unbridled passion.

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