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This is London: life and death in the world city

Brian Cathcart


London is a global city. More than half of those who live in the UK’s capital came from somewhere else – and most arrived in the last ten years. Migration is transforming London, for better and for worse.

Ben Judah is an acclaimed foreign correspondent. 
In This is London, he turns his keen reporter’s eye on home, immersing himself in the hidden world of the city’s immigrants – from the richest to the poorest – to discover the complex and varied individuals who are making London what it is today. He’s had dinner with oligarchs and meetings with foreign royalty, spent nights streetwalking and sleeping rough; he’s heard stories of heart-breaking failure, but also witnessed extraordinary acts of compassion, hope and the triumph of love.

A compulsive, acutely observed and deeply sympathetic work of journalism, this is London is an exciting and 
revelatory book from an extraordinary new talent

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