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The Tiger in the Well: A Sally Lockhart Mystery

Philip Pullman


A stranger is watching. . . .

It’s 1881, and life has been good to Sally Lockhart. Unlike most Victorian women, Sally is completely independent, with her own successful business and a comfortable home for her young daughter, Harriet. But Sally’s whole world is about to collapse. A stranger emerges, claiming to be both her husband and Harriet’s father and threatening all that she has–her business, her child, her very sanity. Sally realizes with growing horror that there is a guiding hand behind this deceit: someone who hates her so passionately that he has devoted years to bringing about her ruin. And there’s only one man that could possibly be. . . . 

From the award-winning author of His Dark Materials comes a richly layered adventure of suspicion and intrigue–and the third acclaimed Sally Lockhart mystery.

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