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The News from Waterloo the Race to Tell Britain of Wellington's Victory

Brian Cathcart


The News from Waterloo recounts how Britain learned of Wellington's victory over Napoleon 200 years ago. Probably the most momentous news to reach London in the whole of the 19th century, it took three days to make a 230-mile journey and those days were packed with haste, confusion and drama. What is more, the years since then have seen these events shrouded in mystery and malicious propaganda – the Nazis even made a film on the subject.

Award-winning author Brian Cathcart (The Fly in the Cathedral, The Case of Stephen Lawrence) reconstructs what happened with the help of memoirs, forgotten documents and the newspapers of the time. In the words of the great editor Sir Harold Evans: 'Cathcart's vastly entertaining narrative marries the scepticism of an investigative journalist with a dramatist's gift for suspense . . . How dull by comparison are our smug digital days where news comes – and goes – at the speed of light.'

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