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The Incas : history and treasures of an ancient civilization

Carolina Orsini


The volume is dedicated to the presentation of the Incas and is based on the information that has been handed down to us from ancient records, from mythology and from archaeology. Drawing on the latest researches and sources on the subject, the volume seeks to reveal to the general public the historical
conditions, reasons and events that led to Incas’ success between the 13th and 15th centuries AD in imposing their domination upon the numerous populations native to the vast Andean territory. By presenting the historical records and archaeological evidences that relate the conquests and deeds of the sovereigns, from the legendary Manco Capac to Tupac Amaru, the last “Son of the Sun,” this book helps us to understand how the Incas developed from a small ethnic group to become an imperial power. In addition, special attention is given to indepth examinations that enable the Reader to grasp the complex
structure of Incan society and its political, economic and religious organization.

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