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Quicksand: what it means to be a human being

Henning Mankell


In January 2014 Hening Mankell was informed that he had cancer.However, Quicksand is not a book about death and destruction, but about what it means to be human. He writes about love and jealousy, about courage and fear. And about what it is like to live with a potentially fatal illness. 

This book is also about why the cave painters 40,000 years ago chose the very darkest places for their fascinating pictures. And about the dreadful troll that we are trying to lock away inside the bedrock of a Swedish mountain for the next 100,000 years. 

It is a book about how humanity has lived and continues to live, and about how he lived and continue to live his own life. 

And, not least, about the great zest for life, which came back when he managed to drag himself out of the quicksand that threatened to suck him down into the abyss.

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