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Fast Facts: Parkinson's Disease

K. Ray Chaudhuri and Victor SC. Fung


Effective multidisciplinary management and support of patients with Parkinson's disease can have an enormously positive effect on quality of life, and that's the focus throughout this refreshingly readable resource. With the patient's experience at its core, Fast Facts: Parkinson's Disease takes the non-specialist through the patient's Parkinson's journey from unexplained prodromal symptoms to palliative support. It includes: - the latest diagnostic techniques - effective management strategies for both motor and non-motor complications - neurosurgical treatments and candidate assessment - the latest pharmacological developments - multidisciplinary palliative care. This practical handbook reflects the importance of addressing non-motor symptoms, the need for multidisciplinary care and the use of tools that empower patients. It is a truly useful and unique resource that will help all doctors, nurses and therapists to provide the best possible care for their patients with Parkinson's disease or related disorders.

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