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Fast Facts: Liver Disorders

Thomas E. Mahl and John O'Grady


With rising levels of alcohol consumption, obesity and viral hepatitis infection, liver disease is presenting more and more frequently in general practice. Health professionals need to be adept at isolating the cause of disease and initiating prompt action. Fast Facts: Liver Disorders is designed to help primary care providers, hospital doctors and specialist nurses understand the most important issues as quickly as possible, including the indicators of severe disease in order to identify patients who need specialist referral.

This succinct, practical handbook provides quick access to:

  • an organized approach to the interpretation of liver function tests
  • guidance on determining levels of alcohol consumption
  • the latest hepatitis B and C treatments
  • key information on the complications of cirrhosis
  • an overview of the common clinical problems associated with transplantation

With its simple explanations, clear illustrations and logical algorithms, Fast Facts: Liver Disorders will help you identify and correct liver disease, minimize permanent damage, and monitor and manage recovery within the community.

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