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Curiocity: In Pursuit of London

Henry Eliot


Curiocity is the most beautiful and unusual guidebook ever written about London. Structured as an A to Z, its 26 chapters explore the city from all angles, with themes as diverse as crowdedness, sex, gentrification, time, sewers and the occult, illustrated by hand-drawn maps from artists including Chris Riddell, Stanley Donwood and Steven Appleby. Curiocity started life in 2010 as a series of folded map-magazines: in their new book, the authors attempt to explore every dimension of London, from before it began until far into its future, visiting nuclear bunkers, talking ATMs and Japanese Monkey Fish along the way. The 26 maps show show London from a child's perspective, the airspace above the city, the ground beneath your feet, London reimagined as a giant prison, and much more.

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